For Sri Lankans, by Sri Lankans

Freidea Solutions is a non-profit software company located in Sri Lanka. Our goal is enabling Sri Lankans to use information technology without being limited by language barriers.

Sinhala KeyHelp

Sinhala Keyhelp takes the complexity away from typing Sinhala using fonts like FM-Bindumathi, FM-Abhaya, DL-Araliya etc. It automatically fixes the typed letters to have the correct modifiers.

English Sinhala Popup Dictionary

English-Sinhala Popup Dictionary sits on your system tray and helps you find the Sinhala meaning of any English word or the English word for any Sinhala word you select on your screen.

Sinhala Font Converter

Convert “Singlish” to Sinhala Fonts (Unicode) or convert between Unicode fonts and ASCII fonts (such as FM-Abhaya or FM-Bindumathi) comfortably with Sinhala Font Converter.

Kindle English Sinhala Dictionary

Select any English word you don’t know while reading on your Kindle , and you will see the Sinhala meaning of that word right on the screen with Kindle English-Sinhala Dictionary.