About Us

Freidea Solution is a non-profit software company located in Sri Lanka. Since its establishment in 2014, Freidea Solution has been involved in the development of many software applications that help Sri Lankans break the language barriers that arise while using Information Technology.

Specializing in tools to help Sri Lankans use Sinhala on their devices, Freidea Solution has introduced several free software applications that offer unique useful features without limitations. Sinhala Keyhelp, which enables users flawlessly type Sinhala, and English-Sinhala Dictionary, which instantly gives the Sinhala meaning of English words the user selects, are only a few of the massively useful applications developed by Freidea Solution.

“Freidea Community” is a community driven project initiated by Freidea Solution to facilitate sharing of knowledge and expereince among Sri Lankans involved in tech.

Any user may ask a tech related question from the community, and any enthusiast or Freidea staff will post an answer on the thread. All these discussions are made publicly accessible so that anyone interested may find a solution for their tech-related issue.